The Second Time Around


When Joanna enters a room, nothing else matters to Julian. His focal point becomes her only. Don’t you notice how everything else just fades away to him when she enters the room? Then when their eyes connect though? Gotta love it! These two! These. TWO!


(Jolian GIFs Praise: loversrock05)


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I ship JOLIAN, ok. They are so cute.


I ship JOLIAN, ok. They are so cute.


LoversRock05 got me to screencap this beautiful Jolian moment based off what she said hereThere is just something sexy about a man who doesn’t mind showing affection to his lady love in public. Julian comes to Bowers specifically to see Joanna. He shimmies up behind her, pulls her hair to the side and places kisses on her neck. UNF!!!!!!!!!!  Before he leaves again he kisses her and for a moment Joanna looks like she’s in a daze. Ahhh, that is the power of Julian’s lips and aura. 

Receipts…Focus on Joanna’s face here!


Do you see how Joanna just relishes his kisses though??? She just absorbs all of that in. Do you see how her eyes are closed as Julian pulls away after giving her THAT kiss? Do you see that satisfied, content look on Julian’s face as he looks at Joanna?

These two! These. two! 


I was thinking…Meagan probably has to stand on a box just to kiss Wes. It’s still a reach though. 

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Okay, I’m in. To the edge of doom. 

Okay, I’m in. To the edge of doom. 

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Lawd have mercy.  THIS SCENE RIGHT HERE. I didn’t catch the show live that night because I had to get up at 5am for clinical rotation. So I recorded it for Tuesday evening viewing. I checked out TST and Deception Moments like I normally do before I leave the house, big mistake. As I’m driving to the site all I could think about was Jolian and I was grinning like a cat who ate the canary. *grins* 

Thank you Meagan, Wes, Liz Heldens and NBC. This scene was everything that I and many Jolian fan have wanted since the pilot episode. The chemistry between Meagan & Wes is a sight to behold, just sexy as all hell. DAMN!!!!!!!!  The back and shoulder kisses.  The multiple kisses on the lips and especially the entwined fingers, le sigh.  Just beautiful.


Julian: You’re worried we’re gonna get caught, aren’t you?

Joanna: My mom is down the hall.

Cell phone chimes.

They kiss and she whimpers when he pulls back to check his phone.

Cell phone keeps chiming.

Julian: Edward keeps texting me. He’s been texting all morning. I have to see what he wants.

Joanna: Mm-Hmmm

Julian: But I promise - kiss - this to you - kiss - again - kiss-.

Joanna: And I am gonna hold you that.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

This scene was beautiful! Your gif set is amazing! I’m hopping on the thank you train with you, LoversRock05 to Meagan, Wes, Liz and NBC! They gave us GOOD TV! The chemistry there though? AMAZING! It was definitely worth the wait! These. two

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Remember to watch the season finale of Deception on Monday, March 18th! Hopefully there will be more Jolian coming up! 

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Those looks are ones of love.

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Our thoughts, in a nutshell. We love you Edward!

Our thoughts, in a nutshell. We love you Edward!

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